Connecting Music and Business

Our True Passion

Before to carry on, have a read at this short story:


Peter and Julia are a couple from Berlin.

They are so excited: they just discovered you will be performing a show in Paris next month!

They are really excited to see you perform, so they are deciding whether or not to buy tickets.

Since the show is in Paris, they plan to fly to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and stay in a hotel in the city centre.

They run a take-away coffee shop that they would have to close for one day, but they have no employees, it is just them, so they can!

Unfortunately finances are not going so well, but they will save all they can in order to make it.



– tickets: (50×2) = 100 euro
– flights : (100×2) = 200 euro
– taxi: 50 euro
– hotel: 50 euro
– no working day (est): 300 euro

TOTAL: 700,00 €

If Peter and Julia decide to spend 700,00 € just to come come and watch your show, there is a strong reason. 

There’s something that motivates them to come, have a day off work, leave their country, hop on an aeroplane 

and join a 3 hour-long queue at the Arena to see you.

This reason, is the key to having a successful winning project in show-business.

This is our concept that underlies all of our work.

Giving purpose and connection between the Artist and the Fan!


Whether it’s new songs, original music projects, covers

for the recording or live music industry…

… Our goal is to create a product that contains a strong motive

for our Client and the Fanbase to connect.